90 Miles From Tyranny : Why Everyone Should Cheer That Roger Stone’s Corrupt Prosecutors Resigned

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Why Everyone Should Cheer That Roger Stone’s Corrupt Prosecutors Resigned

The prosecutors who attempted to deceive the court and their DOJ superiors all resigned in a huff. Let’s hope the door hit each of them in the backside as they stormed out.

I spotted the young lady who later became my first college girlfriend as I rode my mountain bike across the University of Kansas campus. She offered me a brochure from her post behind a folding table. It featured the image of a candle with barbed wire.

Our first date, an Amnesty International meeting, began with a volunteer passing around profiles of political prisoners. We each chose a case that moved us and then wrote a letter to senior government officials who could address the injustice.

It was no small matter, the coordinator told me, for a foreign official to receive a letter from an American addressed to him personally. The mere fact that we could identify the persecuted by name might shame the official into reviewing the case.

In 2020, I find myself wondering whether a college student in a distant country at an Amnesty International meeting might select the profile of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, or Michael Flynn. All of these committed the unspeakable crime of helping Trump win an election.

Flynn and Papadopoulos were guilty of nothing until FBI agents got them talking long enough to find a mismatch between secretly recorded conversations and their targets’ failing memories. Manafort’s tormentors use torture through solitary confinement, violating international human rights standards. Everyone knows politics motivated the viciousness with which U.S. prosecutors pursued these men.

If an international student were writing to seek justice for Stone, she would write the letter directly to Donald Trump, the president of the United States. The president has two constitutional powers that authorize his intercession to stop the persecution of a political dissident, which Stone absolutely is.

First, as I’ve written before, Trump is the head of the executive branch. The Department of Justice is not an independent branch of government. Nobody at the DOJ stands for an election. Only through the president can the voters reach and control the awesome power of the federal criminal prosecutor. Second, the president has the un-appealable constitutional power to cancel any federal prosecution—even before the trial.

On Feb. 10, holdovers from the lawless reign of terror known as the Robert Mueller probe filed a sentencing memorandum recommending nine years in prison for their political target, Stone. The memorandum contains one critical untruth:

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